frequently asked questions

Get your clothes sparkling clean by paying a visit to Grosvenor Coin Laundry in St. Albert. Under new management, we continue to value our customers. We have a clean facility. Come in and check out all we have to offer for your laundry needs.

20lb washers $4
30lb washers $6
40lb washer $8
80lb washer $16
30lb dryers .25 for 4min
50lb dryers .25 for 3min
Yes the change machine on site will convert $5, $10, $20 & toonies to loonies. Loonies to quarters.
We offer same day or next day drop off service Monday to Friday 8am - 2pm.
Yes, 30lb / 40lb / 80lb washer machines
30lb / 50lb dryers
Yes there is signage for the the oily dirty clothes
Yes and this service takes up to 3 business days
We have a pet policy and its do to conditions of our lease. Landlord has a strict policy on pets on premises
10-20lb washers
3-30lb washers
1-40lb washer
1-80lb washer
10-30lb dryers
4-50lb dryers
Yes, Vending machine carries a variety of Detergents, Softeners, Bleach as well a Bags
Yes, Reddimart Convenient Store, Saint City Pizza Donair